Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Ugg or Not To Ugg....

Even though the Ugg boot has been popular for quite a few years it certainly seems like it is one trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I came across this article on Fashionista that really brought it to light. It was very interesting to read the comments (the ones I had time to read). So here is my take on the matter:

For years I stayed as far away from Uggs as possible because I thought they were so ugg-ly. Marshmallow-looking boots that made your ankles look thick and feet flat - basically just as unattractive and as un-sexy as a shoe could be. And though I love to be fashionable and everyone and their mother (truly, most mothers, too) were wearing them, I do NOT buy into a trend unless it's one I actually like. That's just my rule. :)

But over time they started to grown on me until I finally found a pair that I thought were cute - the elusive grey Classic Cardy boots that I hunted for last fall (see posts Classic Cardy, The Hunt and Pretty Boots). The wool on the footbed was so cozy that I started to see why people liked the boots so much... and then I wanted more. So I recently decided on getting the Upside because it had the cute fur on top and the laces going up the side (guess that's where they got the name). But once I was at the store I couldn't get away from how comfortable the classic ones are. It's like wrapping the lower half of your leg in a pillow. Plus, you can wear them under jeans, too, not just over them like you'd have to with the Upsides. So I sighed a huge sigh and purchased the Classic Ugg boots in Chestnut, hardly daring to believe that I had succumbed.

While I still think they aren't the most "fashionable" thing, they actually do look pretty cute with the tops folded down so the fur is showing. Not bad for running errands or hanging out at a friends house. And I can't get away from how COMFORTABLE they are. But will you see me wearing them out next summer with shorts or a mini skirt? Um, not likely. :)

So what are your thoughts on these boots???

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