Friday, January 30, 2009

Tagged - Random Facts!

Okay, I was just tagged by Ruggy 13 (yay, me!) to list 25 facts, goals, and randomness about me and my life. Hmm, where to begin....

1) I like being picked up. I mean literally, physically lifted off the ground, like in a playful way. Not sure why but there is just something about it that makes me feel good.

2) I hate being micromanaged and like to do things my own way. I'm very independent.

3) When I was a kid I hated nurses, hospitals, and everything about them, in particular the hideous white shoes the nurses wore and the baggy scrubs... and when I grew up I became one (go figure).

4) I didn't know I had a serious love for shoes until after college when I could afford them and my closet kept getting fuller and fuller and I started planning outfits around my shoes... then I remembered childhood details like hating nurse's shoes and wanting to wear my mom's high heels when I was only 4... guess it was in me all along.

5) I miss my two best girlfriends dearly - one lives in Washington and the other in Colorado. :(

6) I hate blue cheese and anything really spicy but love almost everything else.

7) The only other countries I've been to are Canada and Mexico.

8) I feel naked if I'm not wearing a necklace and I love to play with it, sliding the pendant back and forth on it's chain. It's almost like a comfort thing.

9) I have a serious sweet tooth I will never be able to get rid of. Ever.

10) In high school I always felt I was in my big sis' shadow but then I went away to college and completely became my own person - and still am.

11) I took up photography a year ago and someday want my "work" published in a magazine.

12) I'm a daydreamer. Always have been, always will be. (Even had a picture drawn of me in college for a project and the artist titled it Daydreamer because it was so accurate).

13) I never really considered what it meant to have a "signature" but that is what my long red hair has become. (I'm now in Medical Sales and meet with hundreds of people regularly and that is how they remember/identify me). I have a signature! How weird is that?? :)

14) I didn't like church at all as kid but on my own grew to love God and now I gladly go.

15) Even if I won the lottery and didn't have to work I would still do something very part time (only one or two half days a week?), just to have some normalcy, a routine, and a way to get out and socialize regularly.

16) When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but now I don't think I could handle being at home all of the time (see #15! Have to have regular interaction with adults, must socialize!).

17) I love to play in the snow but I'd prefer to never have to live in it.

18) Even days that I work from home and don't go anywhere I still put on a little makeup and some jewelry (see #8!) because it makes me feel more like pretty. (And then if someone shows up at my door I don't look completely haggard). :)

19) I love being married; he is my best friend.

20) I am obsessed with eliminating split ends (and with hair this long that is heat styled it's inevitable) so sometimes I sit at my desk and trim away in between salon visits to keep it healthy... yeah, I'm doing it right now.

21) I get really embarassed when I get compliments but I still love getting them.

22) I have to have my toenails painted 365 days a year. Have to.

23) There are things I don't like about my body but I love my tush. It's bootylicious. You would think so, too, if you saw it. ;)

24) I hate to clean but I love things to BE clean so I end up doing it anyway... most of the time.

25) I like honest friends that will tell the truth about how something really looks or what they really think... and that's exactly what you'll get from me!

And now for the tagging!

Could've Been Blonde
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Okay, tonight is Movie and Popcorn Night on the Couch so I gots to go! Have fun!

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