Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Hunt

So, those Classic Cardy Ugg Boots that I wrote about a week ago? As the cooler weather finally starts to set in I’ve been a little anxious to get them. And after going to three stores with no success, I decide to try a different, more gas-friendly, approach. I look up all the Ugg carrier retail stores in my area then call each of them, one by one by one… all nineteen of them. I soon discover that of the nineteen there are only six that even carry that style! The Nordstroms are out and the next shipment is not due in until November. I can’t wait that long. Another local shop is in the same predicament but promises to call me the moment they come in. Two more stores have the boots but not in the color I want and have no plans to ever order that color. The last shop I call has just received a huge shipment of shoes and I am told that the very boots I am coveting could possibly be buried in the huge pile of boxes still waiting to be inventoried. So I call back the next morning and eagerly await their answer…. They have the grey Classic Cardy in size 7! Phil promises to hold them for me.

At lunch I rush down to the shop, slowly open the starburst embossed cardboard lid, carefully pull out the boots, and admire them for a moment. Not knowing if the 7’s would even fit or not (since Ugg sizes vary from style to style) I feel a flutter of nerves as I slide them on my feet. Ahhh, a perfect fit! I’d hoped they would fit and be comfortable. They do, and… they are. The hunt is over and the huntress is happy.

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