Friday, January 23, 2009

Ripped Tights

Great question, Penny, about the ripped tights... personally I think they look awful. Why would anyone want to look like they either just crawled out of a garbage can or had a cage fight with a rabid racoon?

Especially when there are such cute tights out there that can make your legs look great! Like these opaque tights available in 14 fun colors:

And I think these fishbone ones are great:

These pretty diamond shaped ones:

Or the footless kind with lace trim:

I could go on an on. Just about anything is better than a ripped up do-it-yourself look. But I do love my tights! I'm getting quite the collection. I need to stop looking online now or I might just have to buy some more! :)

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!llegally blonde said...

I definitely agree... and printed tights are all the rage this season!