Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Jewelry High

You know how getting something new that you totally love just puts you on this unending high? That's how I feel right now.

To give you the background story:

For my birthday 2 years ago my hubby gave me a beautiful bezel-set diamond pendant that I just loved... but the chain kept breaking. Finally, after the 5th break occured right before Christmas I decided I just needed a new chain. And the bail on this pendant was so small that I couldn't take the pendant off myself, the jeweler would have to take the bail apart to get the chain out and put the new one in and then put it back together. Since he was already going to be working on it I decided to have him add a small diamond to the front of the bail - one I already happened to have from another pendant that I never wore, so might as well use it, right? No sense in letting a beautiful diamond go to waste!

The pendant was ready 2 weeks ago and I exuberantly entered the store to see my newly upgraded, fabulous pendant... except that it didn't look upgraded or fabulous at all. The new diamond was, of course, gorgeous, as I already knew since we provided the stone, but the craftsmanship looked as though a 19 year-old in Jewelry Making 101 at the local junior college slapped it together.

Me: "Um, excuse me? This is not right."

Saleslady: "What's wrong?"

Me: "The top bezel doesn't match the bottom one at all. It looks like two different pieces randomly stuck together. And see how the top bezel sticks way out in front of the bottom one? And the bezel isn't even uniform. And the bezel thickness is all off, too. It just doesn't look right at all."

Saleslady: "You are absolutely right, I didn't see it before pulling it out for you. I will make sure it's completely re-done and I promise it will be perfect."

Perfect, she says? It had better be. Needless to say I was nervous going back to the store today. Could they actually do what I had asked? It wasn't that complicated but they were so far off the first time.... I held my breath as it was unwrapped... I caught a glimpse (It looks okay) and then another glimpse (I think it might be right) then I took it in my hands.... Yes! It was PERFECT! Exactly what I wanted! I think I even clapped and jumped up and down just a little in the store (I'm sure I gave the salesguy a chuckle). I've been on a high the whole rest of the day.

It looks very similar to this picture I found on the Tiffany website, although my top diamond is just a little smaller, I think.

And I honestly didn't do it because of Tiffany's design, I had planned to do this before I saw it in their catalog and was plesantly surprised to see that Tiffany had done exactly what I was planning on. Great minds think alike? :)

Needless to say, I am elated right now. Oh, and I love the new chain. :)

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Penny said...

That's beautiful!Exactly the type of necklace I would wear