Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So I have another story to add about Friday night's dinner out with the cousins and our "niece", Teresa (see preceding post). After the host left, the waitress approached our table to take our drink orders.

Traci: "I'll have a mojoti."
Rick: "Uh... a Sam Adams."
Jake: "A glass of house Red, please."
Me: "I'll have a Cosmo."
Waitress: "Sure, but I can I see your ID, please?"
I look up and see she's directed this question to me. Only me.
Me: "Oh, sure!" I start to pull out my wallet, trying not to grin. "And thank you!"
Waitress, looks at my ID. Then: "Oh! You don't look your age! Not that you're old or anything, I just wasn't expecting that!"
Me: "Seriously, thanks, you just made my night!" (FYI, I'm 32, and to have a cute, 23ish girl ask me to prove I'm of drinking age is quite the compliment!)
The waitress leaves the table with our order.
Traci: "Ha ha, you got carded!"
Teresa: "What's 'carded'?"
Me: "It means I had to show her my ID card to prove that I'm old to drink."
Teresa: "Ohh! You got carded!" (As if she knew all along what that really meant). "Mommy, you didn't get carded because she knew you were old enough."
Traci: "Yes, sweetie, that's right."
Teresa (loudly): "You know, because you look older. (Pause). Because your face looks older. (Another pause). Because you have wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and on your neck-"
Traci: "Teresa! Okay, I get it!"
Me, quietly to Teresa: "It isn't nice to tell someone that, even if it's only your Mom."
Teresa: "Oh, okay. Sorry, Mom. Maybe you'll get carded next time."

Don't you just love kids' brutal honesty? Umm, not if it's directed at you, but otherwise can be pretty funny! :)


Erica Major said...

Kids say the most adorable things! lol! That was a good one!

Penny said...

Oh man,that's embaressing for her mom.I've got a little nephew who says whatever comes into his little head,and says it out loud (very loud) for everyone to hear.Cue major embarressment.