Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny Posters

These are just some humorous posters that have been circling the internet via e-mail forwards for quite a long time. I always get a kick out of stuff like this. :)
I think we've all been here...

Got dressed in the dark, maybe?


...or attractive.

No morning coffee yet?

I wonder how long that took?


Let's give him the benefit of the doubt... maybe they're filled with paint.

Heehee! Hope these gave you a laugh, or at least a little chuckle. :)


Penny said...

That popped collars pic always gets me.How anyone can think that looks cool,is beyond me.But I enjoy anything other people do to make me laugh,so I probably shouldn't complain.

Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

Me, too. And they say laughter is the best medicine so, by all means, pop those 4 collars! ;)