Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Folded Panties

Say what?? Um yeah, saw an ad for these and I'm just not too sure about it. I'm all about being fashion forward and trying new things but, high rise panties that you fold down over the waistband of your jeans?? Oh, and did I mention that some have rhinestone decals that show when you expertly fold them over? Kind of like a panty-tat. Classy.

I just don't think that's one fashion thing that I'll be going for.



Ruggy13 said...

umm it's probably better than the thong hanging all the way out of some kids pants... but still. That is the dumbest idea in the whole entire world... who ever invented them should make a fortune i'm sure! lol

Penny said...

Its not too bad,but only if you have a stomach like the models',otherwise it will be a complete FAIL.So obviously I'll have to give this fashion a miss.

What do you think of this new Miley Cyrus-ripped tights look?

Erica Major said...

Your right super classy... Where can I find a pair! Lol

Snow White said...

oh no!! this is a terrible idea!!! i understand the look- similar to yoga pants. but seriously? they're showing over jeans! do we really need to make it that easy for people to dress trashy?!?