Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty Pumpkin Cake

So I saw this neat pumpkin cake on TV and thought I'd try it out. You have to have a bundt pan to make it. I used a spice cake mix and made two cakes... once they were cool I inverted one and put it on the cake plate. I prefer homemade frosting so I made cream cheese frosting and used food coloring to turn it orange.
Then I put the other cake on top so it started to take on the shape of a pumpkin.

Then frosted the rest! I had set aside some of the frosting so I could color it green and used that to frost an ice cream cone, which I inverted and stuck in the hole in the center for a stem and... voila! You have a pumpkin cake!

Cute, huh? I think next time I'll shave down some of the middle to make the two cakes a little more seamless, but overall I think it came out pretty well!

It was pretty tasty, too. :)

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