Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chocolate and Cabernet

One of the things Jake and I love doing together is wine tasting. We are lucky enough that we live within an hour of about 30 wineries so if we want to go wine tasting it is only too easy. Quite a few of them are about 30 minutes away and the closest one to our house is a mere 15 minutes, so we decided to hit that one up this afternoon.

The wine was great, as usual, and sometimes they have snacks or appetizers for their guests. Today it was an enormous chocolate fountain with various treats to dip in it. Yum! The strawberries were delectable! I couldn't stop eating them, and combined with my wine, mmm, what a delicious way to spend an afternoon.

And of course I brought my camera with me so I could traipse into the rows of the vineyards. The leaves were the most stunning shades of red and gold. Especially red... wow was that red vibrant! I haven't had a chance to look at my pictures yet but I can't wait to see them. The fall colors are just gorgeous right now. Another lovely day!

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