Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Handbags

I am such an accessories girl and with handbags it is no exception. I usually have any where from 3 to 6 purses on the end of my desk (at home) at any given time so that I can switch purses to better go with my outfit or mood. I tend to like designer bags but something certainly doesn't have to be super expensive for me to buy it. Just well made, good quality materials, and the right style to suit my needs. And I love to find great things on sale! It feels like such a victory to own an quality, well-made bag that you know you paid a lot less for, right?

So far I've only purchased one bag from Hobo International but I do like their stuff. And when I saw that they are having a sale through November 9th on their Spring 2008 line I just had to do a post about it. Who cares if it's from the spring season?? If you love it that's all that matters! (I'm so not one of those girls that will only carry a bag of the current season and gets rid of anything older than six months... some of my favorite bags I've had for years!).

So here are all of their bags on sale. I think my favorites are these:

The patent leather Jodie bag. I love the orange color but that one is already gone. The silver is beautiful though, especially with the gold hardware! And only $75.20~
The darling Gwyneth clutch in ivory for only $49.60.
Happy Shopping!!

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