Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chasing Sunsets

I'm not sure if that is an actual phrase or not but I use it none-the-less. It refers to me racing as fast as possible with my camera to a specific location before the gorgeous colors of the sunset fade or dissappear altogether. Yep, chasing sunsets.

I just did that this evening. Jake says to me, "Babe, take a look at this. Do you think you can get to Scott Road fast enough?" (By, "Scott Road", he refers to a beautiful oak tree on Scott Road, not too far from our house, that I have many times tried to capture with the perfect setting sun, but either the sunset wasn't pretty enough or I got there too late). As soon as he says this, I groan, even before I see what he is referencing. Not 30 minutes before I had seen the cloud layers and thought of how tonight might the night for a perfect sunset. I was right, but chose to ignore my feeling and go back into the house to finish washing dishes. Damn chores!

I grab my camera, tripod, and sweater and bolt for my car. Pulling down our quiet street as quickly as it is safe to do so, I silently curse myself for not heeding my earlier intuition. Sure enough, as I crest the hill I can see the brilliant pink is already fading... shifting... draining from the sky before my very eyes. Mere moments later I am at the tree but, alas, I am too late.
Oh, but there will be other times. Other times to achieve the perfect silhouette of the old knarled oak tree....

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