Monday, April 6, 2009

Wine Tasting Passport Weekend

Saturday, April 4th

7:00am: Get up, throw on workout clothes, head to the gym.

8:30am: Get home, take off sweaty clothes, jump in shower.

10:00am: Hair is done, makeup on, supercute outfit all picked out.

10:30am: Get into car with hubby and head "up the hill".

11:15am: Arrive at first winery. Very hungry.

11:25am: (It's 12:00 somewhere, right?) Wine is good, as is the swiss cheese fondue. Roast beef not my favorite, especially since there is no sauce. And small portions = still very hungry.

12:00pm: Arrive at second winery. Very crowded (this is a good sign). LOTS of food! Thai Beef on Wontons w/ chili sauce, Butternut Squash Soup, Some Yummy Beef Thing, Braised Pork & Mushroom, many cheeses, sweet brownies. Mmmm! The wine and food pairings are excellent!

1:15pm: Arrive and third winery. Less crowded. Delicious salmon dish, tri-tip a little dry, SCRUMPTIOUS wild mushroom soup.

1:30pm: Go back for seconds on the soup.

1:45pm: Buy a case of futures (uh-oh, what have we done?? It is wonderful wine, though!).

2:00pm: Arrive at fourth winery. Proscuitto wrapped melon an odd combination but surprisingly tasty. Much bigger fan of the stuffed mushroom caps.

2:25pm: Wow, the jalapeno olive oil is just delicious and not a lot of heat! Thanks to hubby, must purchase!

2:45pm: Arrive at fifth winery. Whew, starting to get a little tired.

2:55pm: They have personal pot pies?! Must get one!

3:00pm: Eating delicious Thai Chicken pot pie outside in the sunshine.

3:45pm: Back at home.

4:00pm: On the couch asleep.

Needless to say it was a superfun day! After a revival from my little nap we did popcorn and movie night on our oh-so-comfy couches. *sigh* It was a perfect day. :)


Anonymous said...

glad you guys had fun! phew, i am feeling a little tipsy just reading your post! it does really fun. might have to add that to 'my to before i die' list!!!

Anonymous said...

Food, wine, sleep. Sounds perfect to me.