Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Party a Success!

I have to say that my Couture party was such a success! I had so much fun! My entire front room was converted into a store with racks and racks of beautiful clothes everywhere so as soon as people walked in they saw all the clothes and were greeted with a gentleman holding a tray of champagne. Talk about VIP!!

Before everyone arrived I tried on a bunch of stuff and just fell in love with two pairs of jeans. I was only planning on buying one pair but when the hubby said to go for it I ended up buying both. ;)

The first is a classy, more dressy trouser style by Paige Premium Denim that I wasn't too sure about when I pulled them off the rack, but when I put them on they not only fit perfectly, the denim was so soft I could do all of my workout stretches in them as if I was in althetic pants. And they look great! Especially with a cute cap-sleeved blouse tucked in.

Yes, I was hesitant on the high-rise, too, which honestly doesn't look right on everyone, but I just love them. Oh, and the legs on mine are a bit wider and more trouser-like (I couldn't find the exact photo on their website).

And the second pair are WHITE! Um, me in white jeans?? Never! Well... I guess now I do! I didn't think I'd like them at all but when I put on the Miss Me jeans below they fit so perfect and the pockets are just darling.

Can you see that the crosses are sparkly crystals?? Love them! Oh, and I actually wore them with black stilettos, too (although I didn't see this pic until now!). :)

It was SO great to see the girls and have some fun shopping in my own home. What a great night!!!

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Melissa said...

I love the white jeans you got! I've actually been looking for a cute pair!