Wednesday, April 8, 2009

President's Club

So, I'm on the sales team at my company and they have this thing called "President's Club" that takes place every May. Basically, if you meet or exceed your annual goals then the following May you are cordially invited by the President of the company to attend President's Club - a posh getaway full of relaxation, great food, spa treatments, you name it. All the fantastic things you could wish for.

So I exceeded my goals for 2008 so next month I'm going to President's Club!!!! Yippee!!!!!!! And the best part is all of my friends that I work also are going so we get to hang out together! Every year it's someplace different (last year they took us to Cabo - WAY fun!) and this year it's in sunny San Diego at an uber-fancy resort right on the beach! (I'm not saying which so none of you follow me). ;)

I already have my spa treatments booked and I am sooo excited that it's in a beautiful location, so of course I'll be bringing my big camera with me. Now I have to go shopping for at least one new bikini (maybe two), and figure out what cute sundresses I want to bring with me. Oh yeah, and party clothes, since we'll be going out probably every night!


Anonymous said...

congrats, sweets!! that is soo excited, and of course i am not in the least bit jealous:) yes you must take tons and tons of pics!!! if you do not, i will kick your ass! just joking or am i?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Congratulations...I'm VERY envious...