Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meaningful Mondays: Help When You Need It

I know it's Tuesday but I was SWAMPED yesterday and didn't have time to even check my personal e-mail, let alone write this post. So, a day late, here it is. :)

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out"
-Walter Winchell

I chose this quote because of how much it applies to me right now. I am leaving next week for my President's Club trip (yippee!) and I really need help with something while I was gone. My mother-in-law promised over 3 months ago that she would help me but then bailed 2 weeks before I was set to leave because she had plane tickets that were going to expire and she really wanted to use them, so instead of keeping her promise she's going on vacation.

I won't say what it involves but it is a really big deal and not something just anyone can do (it's not like I asked her to water my plants). Needless to say I was really unhappy with M-I-L and I ended up calling a friend that lives 50 minutes away out of desperation. Bless her heart, she promised to do it without a moment of hesitation.

She came over tonight so I could walk her through everything and show her exactly what needed to be done and how. Wanting to do everything perfect, she even had a notepad and was scrawling notes the entire time so as not to forget anything (it was a lot of information).

Even though I usually don't get to see this friend more than a few times a year and we don't talk nearly as often as we should, as soon as I called her needing help she was more than willing to step in. So yes, I have to agree with Walter Winchell. A true friend is one who walks in when others walk out.

Ever have something like this happen to you?


Anonymous said...

That is a good friend. My friends all rock but sometimes I wonder what their performance rate would be in a crunch. They'd probably come through but I still wonder.

Ruggy13 said...

that quote couldn't be more true. I'm finding that out so much lately. I'm realizing that some "friends" are only about what they want and not finding a common ground, while others take the time to see how you are doing! It's funny how people change.

Tagged you on my blog!! but i'm not done yet so check in a few!

Makeup Theory said...

Sometimes friends can be far more reliable than family. I'm lucky to have some awesome friends, as well.