Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Dawdle or Not to Dawdle....

After my workout this morning I sat at my computer before making my way into the bedroom to jump into the shower. Not knowing how much time had gone by I did a little work... a little more work... glanced at the clock and realized with horror that I was supposed to be leaving the house in only THIRTY MINUTES! Gasp! As I sat staring at the clock hardly daring to believe that what it was telling me was true, it suddenly hit me - I am a dawdler!

Not always, mind you, but it seems that when I'm getting ready in the morning it really takes me a while. As in, an hour and half to two hours to walk out the door from the time I get in the shower. Yes, you read that right. It's not that I'm particularly slow moving it's just that I have so many things to do.

I like a nice shower to do all the necessary scrubbing, shaving, cleansing, etc. Then out to the fireplace in the bedroom to warm my cold, wet, self up while I towel dry my hair. Then, when I'm comfortably warmed, I can make my way back into the bathroom to start applying moisturizer to my face, running my comb through my hair, adding hair products to damp hair, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and on and on and on until all is finished.

Mind you, I'm often going back and forth between my computer and the bathroom so I can send off e-mails to clients as I remember to, so my weekend "get ready routine" is much quicker. And trying to decide what to wear can also eat up a large chunk of time. Especially if I have to try different things on and experiment with different combinations. If I'm able to choose my outfit the night before then things the next morning are a lot smoother.

And, yes, I can go much faster if I really need to. Like this morning. It only took me 60 minutes instead of 90-120. Still, I think in general I could probably get ready a little faster than I do. Oh, and fortunately traffic was light so I wasn't even late. :)

P.S. I don't really know what's up with that picture - they just kind of looked like dawdlers to me. :)


Anonymous said...

i dawdle all the time. i am also a naked multi tasker. yeah you read that correctly. whatever you have done it too.

dawdlers unite!!!

Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

Ha! I won't even try to deny it! I naked multi task all the time! (The hubs LOVES it!!). ;)