Friday, April 10, 2009

Couture Party Tonight!

I am so excited, my party is finally here! And there will be about 15 awesome girls coming so it will be good. Just the right number of people - not too many to where I can't spend quality time with each of them.

The house is cleaned and ready to go, now all I have to do is chill the champagne! Oh, and figure out what I'm going to wear, of course. Actually, I just need to figure out my top half. Once my friend arrives with all of the clothes for her business I'm going to try on a bunch of jeans and the ones I decide to buy I'll wear tonight as a sort of walking advertisement. I'm super excited!

And I'm such a bone-head that when I planned this I didn't even realize I scheduled it for Good Friday. Guess that means I won't be going to Good Friday service this year. Oh well, I much prefer Easter morning service, anyway. :)

We did our "formal family dinner" last Sunday so for Easter Sunday we're having a casual BBQ at our house for friends that don't have any family in the area. It will be small and fun. The weather is supposed to be sunny at 72 so it will be perfect! I'm really looking forward to that, too! I think we'll even have to throw in an Easter egg hunt for us "kids". ;) Great, great weekend coming up here. :)

Think about the wonderful thing that God did for us that we are celebrating this weekend and have a HAPPY EASTER!!


hGb said...

Haope you have a blast! Happy Easter!

Simply Me said...

what a lucky girl!!!!! Tell me how the jeans are as well!!! Being we are so cal girls I can do a local party too and promote business! Have fun tonight and make sure to pop some of that bubbly for me!!!

Anonymous said...

so jealous. ugh! couture party? street fighter? couture clothes? street fighter? chilled champagne? street fighter? this is hard!!!

hope it went fantastic girl. what a great turn up!! happy easter, sweets;)

Ruggy13 said...

Hope your Easter went well! Sounds like fun! I love bbq chicken and your parties sound so fun!