Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yucky Day

Actually, today was a pretty good day, workwise. But the weather has just been nasty rainy windy yucky. My job requires me to drive around to meet clients, so basically I often have to go in and out of a lot of places and that's just not very fun when the rain is coming down in torrents that are blowing sideways because the wind is pushing it that way.

Rain by itself? Okay. A little wind? Sure. But 25mph gusts along with heavy rain is NOT my idea of good weather to try and look nice in when you're going to meet clients. Ugh! Umbrellas = useless. Thank goodness for cute raincoats and knee-high boots!


Pink Julep said...

Sounds like you need some cute wellies!
I have the same problem with the heat - my job requires me to go to other offices, etc as well - within walking distance usually, but it's normall between 80 and 110 degrees, so it's impossible to stay cute when you're sweaty and have humidity fro hair!

Simply Me said...

those boots are simply fantastic!!!! OMG!!!!