Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Those Rainy Days!

We've been fortunate enough in "sunny California" to have a very mild past few weeks, sunny with high's in the low to mid-60's. And as much as I love that it doesn't really feel like winter, plus we really need the rain! So when the clouds came in a few days ago I was actually really excited.

Today is gray and wet and I couldn't be happier! Probably because I'm working from home today so, with the exception of running over to the gym during lunch, I'll be home all day in my cozy sweats and slippers, working away at my computer. The only thing that would make it better is if I didn't have to work at all and could just veg on the couch by the fire and read while drinking hot chocolate! Hmm, now that I think about, maybe I should move my laptop into the living room and work in there... yeah, good plan. I'm on it right now. ;)

Have a Happy Rainy Friday!!!!!!!!


Simply Me said...

first of all that picture is GORGEOUS!!! second take a look at my blog- I gave you an award!! :)
Happy Friday girly!!!

Simply Me said...

btw- what part of CA are you in?

Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

Northern, near Sacramento.