Monday, February 16, 2009

NASCAR Disappointment

One of the few sports I actually like to watch on TV is NASCAR. Most people think it's just a bunch of people driving around in circles but if you actually pay attention it's easy to see how much strategy, skill, and excitement is involved. Although honestly, I usually like to get caught up on magazine reading or baking through much of it, where I can still pick my head up and pay attention if something exciting happens. Or take a nap or something. As long as I see the high points and the finish then I'm good. ;)

But yesterday, the first race of the entire season, the Daytona 500, was such a disappointment! The track got rained out so they had to call the race with almost 50 laps to go! It would have been so much better to see how it would have played out if they'd actually been able to go to the end. No exciting finish, no one running out of gas on the last lap or causing an accident because they're trying so hard to get ahead on the final stretch, no cars racing for that finish line... very anti-climatic. Hopefully next week will be better. :(

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