Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Vote NO on Single-stall Bathrooms!!

You know the ones I'm talking about... it's one small room where you lock the door and you have your own little toilet and sink? Yeah, those ones. It's great if you feel like you don't want everyone else listening to you do your thing, HOWEVER, when someone goes in there before you and when it's your turn you enter and feel like your face was smacked with an odor so bad that you swear all living things are sure to die in it's presence but you have to go so bad you can't hold it and you simply must use that restroom anyway??? ?? ??

Yeah, pretty awful, right? I had the extreme misfortune of that happening to me today. And you want to know what's even worse than that? The person waiting to use the room after you walks in and assumes it must be you who produced the offensive smell!! Ugh! How to avoid such a catastrophe???

For a brief moment I considering spritzing my lovely Victoria's Secret body spray... but I didn't want anyone to notice it was my scent mixed with the stench - too incriminating. So with a lack of any other options I just bolted out of there as quickly as a girl could!
Better luck next time....


Ruggy13 said...

haha I'm not a fan of those bathrooms because it's too easy of getting walked in on. I know there's a lock, but i have a fear of people I don't know walking in on me, or opening the door so other people walking by can see me tinkle... it just gets me and i've never been a fan of them... I'd rather pee in a gross little stall.

Simply Me said...

haha I kinda disturbed that my color scheme is on a toilet but regardless thats awesome. I also gave you an award this morning on my blog- cause your just that awesome! :) happy Wednesday

a H.I.T. said...

haha. Found your sight through Simply Me.

SSB's are the worst! What I really hate is when not even 1 minute passes after you locked the door, and someone starts pounding as though it's been 5 minutes. C'mon!?!?!