Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scrumptious Scents

Pumpkin Pie

Caramel Apple

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake


Apple Cinnamon

Peach Cobbler

Crème Brulee

Autumn Harvest

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin… need I really say more?

These are just some of the many delicious candle scents perfect for this time of year. I love candles year round but I get especially exited about burning them when it’s cool outside. (It feels a little weird to burn a candle when it’s 90+ degrees outside, ya know?). The holiday scents are some of my absolute favorites… maybe because it brings me back to my childhood, or maybe just because they’re so sweet it makes me hungry for whatever scent I’m burning. I guess that means I must have an ample supply of pumpkin pie, crème brulee, and chocolate cream cheese cupcakes on hand? :)

All of the above scents are carried by Sierra Mountain Candle Company, a relatively new company that makes all of their candles to order to ensure you get the freshest scents in your candle possible... neat, huh? Check out their website here.

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