Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eyes WAY Bigger Than Stomach

My husband's grandma is one of the sweestest ladies I know. She really wanted to take us out to lunch today so J and I met her at one of her all-time favorite restaurants - Sizzler. I had not been to a Sizzler in eons so when we walked in and placed our order at the register I asked for a steak with mashed potatoes (and gravy, of course!) and the salad bar, on the side. Sounds like a decent order, right?

As soon as we get our table and plates I make my way over to the salad bar and my eyes instantly become as big and round as silver dollars. There is a taco bar. And pasta. And baked potatoes. And fruit, and salad stuff, and tapioca pudding! My plate is quickly filled with tacos, onion rings and I'm not even sure what else. After finishing that I go back with a fresh plate only to fill it with a complete green salad, seafood salad, macaroni salad, oh, and of course, the tapioca pudding. After finishing that off I suddenly remember that I still have a large steak with potatoes coming. Uh oh... what was I thinking? Then, joy of joys! my oreo milkshake arrives! And soon after comes the steak.

All three bites I managed to eat of it were delicious. Pause... take a deep breath... lean back..... nope. Still can't do any more. A to-go container for my steak, potatoes, oh yeah, and one for my yummy shake, were definitely in order. Yep, my eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach. But hey, six hours later that steak made a pretty delicious dinner!


Erica Major said...

How funny! When I was so little, my first and last time at sizzler I found a $20 bill on the bathroom floor. That is my only memory....glad you enjoyed it :)

Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

Twenty bucks, that's awesome! Maybe that'll happen to me next time. :)