Friday, October 10, 2008


A couple of my pregnant friends swear by the Bella Bands made for pregnant ladies... it's very strong, stretchy spandex to hold in your belly button and smooth down the fly of your jeans so it doesn't stick way out as your belly grows. You can actually wear your non-maternity pants longer by wearing them unbuttoned because the Bella Band holds the pants in place and it looks like a tank top under your clothes without having to actually wear another shirt. Brilliant!

And I found the ones made for non-pregnant women! It's called a Hip-T. I love layering longer tanks under shirts or sweaters that are a little too short, but sometimes it's hard to find a tank that is exactly the right length to go with your chosen top. This totally solves that problem as you can pull it as high or as low as you want! I think I'll have to order it in both black and white.

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