Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

YEAH! Thanks to the ever-sexy-herself Polka Dotted Owl for granting me this coveted award!

Rules: List 5 things about me that I think are sexy, then pass it on.

1) Confidence is always sexy, as evidenced by little things like, walking tall, sitting up straight, making eye contact, and SMILING. I'm usually a very confident person and that's sexy.

2) Standing up for myself. Having my own own opinion and sticking with it instead of following others. (Wimpy and non-committal is not sexy).

3) I have to copy Polka Dotted Owl for this one... having a toned, fit body that I work hard for and am proud of. Taking care of yourself is totally sexy!

4) Ambition. I know what I want and I go after it, without tromping on other people to get ahead (not sexy!). I always admire people who have the drive and determination to go after their dreams.

5) Laughing at myself. I know I make mistakes and goof up from time to time or even act like a complete goober, and I always laugh at myself when I do. So sexy!

The girls I'm passing this on to are:
Sweet Melissa

Have a great night!!!