Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back from San Diego!

Sorry that it took me a while to finally post this - after I got back things have been super busy. To sum up my weekend... it was fantastic! It was sunny and 80 degrees both days!! I was totally loving it. It's so beautiful down there anyway I just love visiting.

The retirement party was a huge success! We had plenty to do to get ready for it all day Saturday... my hubby and his one brother finished the slideshow presentation while the other brother and I put together the centerpieces.

If only you knew how much time and energy we put into these centerpieces over the course of the week and the idea we started out with, how it evolved, to what it ended up being on Saturday... well... I think you'd have been impressed with our finished product. We created floral arrangement in clear glass vases with "a beach on the bottom". We put a layer of sand, then some rocks, shells, and driftwood, then added and arranged all of the beautiful, fresh-cut flowers, then last added the water. Then around the base of each vase I arranged more shells and driftwood. Sounds simple, but, like I said, we originally started with something else and over the week we kept changing what we were going to do until we arrived at our beautiful creations. I have to say I was very proud of them and enjoyed all the many compliments we got. If only I had taken a picture of it!

Usually I'm the Camera Queen but for some reason, probably because I was helping out most of the night, I completely forgot to take out my camera so I did not snap ONE picture! I didn't even get one of me and husband! Not one of my super-cute dress that was a huge hit! (It worked perfect, by the way, and so did the shoes). ;) I guess that means I'll just have to wear that dress to something else, ha! :)

The food was great, the hall looked great (thanks to moi) ;), everyone had a great time, and, most importantly, my mother-in-law had an amazing retirement party she'll never forget. The slideshow was very sweet, as were the heartfelt toasts given by her husband and each of her three sons (my hubby included!). And she ended the evening doing something she especially loves - dancing! I even got a fun dance with my father-in-law who just recently started taking dance lessons. All in all the night was a huge success!

Now I want to go back again for another visit!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time. I love being with the whole fam! The centerpieces sound beautiful, and glad you loved the dress you chose.
Missed you girlie:)

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear you had fun!! I love weekend trips!