Friday, March 27, 2009

Cigar Breath?

I'm super excited because tomorrow my sister and I are going to Daffodil Hill (a private farm about an hour away with acres of beautiful daffodils) and then driving around through sleepy little towns and picturesque wineries to let the creative photographers within us take over. I haven't done a "photography day" in a long time so I'm so excited that tomorrow will be dedicated to that!

At any rate, while researching some different wineries in the area to see which ones we might want to drive past or take pictures at (no, no wine tasting tomorrow - that's next weekend!) I came across this on one of the winery websites:

Cigar Day: Join us at CBC for a big ol’ cigar on Sunday March 7th. Special discounts for anyone with Cigar Breath.

Cigar breath?? Really??? I know the event is already past so I wonder if they actually made people blow their nasty cigar breath in their face to determine if it was cigar-y enough to get a "special" discount? LOL. Or maybe it was just their way of being creative and basically anyone smoking qould qualify. Let's hope so. Needless to say I had to laugh when I read it. At least they have a sense of humor. ;)

Wish me luck on my photography excursion!!


a H.I.T. said...

What fun! Sounds like you are the only person not having crappy weather this weekend :) Yeah!

I'd hold off on the cigar breath...

Anonymous said...

Have fun girlie:)Can not wait to see the pictures!

What is up with the 'cigar breath' thing?!