Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm a girl who likes nice things. Designer sunglasses, purses, you name it. So I have quite a collection of Coach handbags but lately, really for the past 3 years, I've been "over it" and haven't even set foot in a Coach store, let alone bought one. There are just so many other great desginers out there to be explored! Why settle for only one brand??

So explore I did and have added numerous other designers to my handbag collection - which I love! But then my two sisters in Boston decided they both wanted Coach purses for Christmas this year so my local sis and I went to their store to pick out new bags for them. And we did find a great bag for each of them that I'm sure they will love, BUT, while there I also found, not one, but TWO bags that I really liked for myself!

Sis: "Mom and Dad haven't gotten you anything for Christmas yet, have they?"

Me: "No, not yet."

Sis: "It's only 6 days until Christmas! Have you asked for anything?"

Me: "Not specifically. I was thinking of asking for baby stuff since we're going to need so much with having twins."

Sis: "But you're having THREE baby showers! You're going to get everything you need from your showers and this is Christmas. You should ask for things just for you for Christmas."

Me: (Silent)

Sis: "I think you should get them both! Mom will reimburse you like she always does, plus she'll be glad that some of your shopping is out of the way. And it's not like you'll be buying stuff for yourself once the babies arrive."

Me: "Good point. Okay, I'm getting in line."

So... I bought them! And they're from my parents for Christmas! (And Mom was pleased she had less shopping to do). ;)

The first is this one, except instead of being the gray with black signature it's the dark black with black signature and the leather is a fun shiny patent. I love the slip pocket on the front and it fits so comfortably under my shoulder. I was actually inspired to get this bag because it so reminds me of a cheap one that I had many years ago that was this same shape, style, etc. It was such a comfortable purse but I got rid of it because the "leather" on it wasn't even real, was poorly constructed, and it just needed to go. So now I have a much better version of it!

The second one is not this bag exactly (couldn't find a pic of it) but it is this exact color and is also in patent leather. It's a bit smaller, but has a slip pocket on the front and the signature "C" pattern is embossed all over the leather. Very bold and not for everyone but I love it!

So after coming home and seeing my great purchases my hubby decides we should get a Coach bag for his mom for Christmas. Great idea! She doesn't have one and would LOVE it if we got her one! So yesterday, back to the store we go. After searching and searching and finally finding one that we know she's going to love, I get in line and the hubby says he'll wait for me at the entrance.

I finish paying and am on my way out when my husband says, "Hey Babe, look at this one!" I look at what's he's pointing to. Ohh, very cute... I actually really like it. I sit down on the bench next to the shelf it's on and start carefully looking it over.

Me: "I really like this bag. The vintage horse and carriage pattern is so cute. And I love the detachable long strap and the pocket on the front" (Can you tell I like exterior pockets on my purses?) ;)

Hubs: "You should get it."

Me: "What? No, it's too expensive, plus I'm already getting some new ones."

Hubs: "Don't worry about it, you deserve it. We're getting this one, so Merry Christmas!"

Girl browsing nearby: "Where I can get one of him?" pointing at my husband. I know, he's so sweet, right?

I smile, give him a kiss, and agree, so back to the register we go to pay for my third Coach bag this Christmas! Here it is:

Not bold and flashy, but cute and functional. The best part about this is I can totally see myself pushing a double pink stroller with this bag on my shoulder, and when I'm trying to pick the babies up and don't want the bag falling off I can wear it cross-body. That will definitely come in handy!

*Sigh* So much for my avoidance of Coach. And while I will always continue to explore other designers, it does feel good to be back. :)

(Any other Coach fans out there??) :)

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Melissa said...

I love that patent leather one! Very different!