Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Card Photo

Every year my husband and I do a photo Christmas card. I used to do the regular cards but not only it it more expensive to buy those nice ones, it takes a lot of time to fill out and sign each one, plus I also love getting the photo cards from my friends, so one year I figured, why not? we had a great picture that was taken of us outside a restaurant so we used that pictures, got tons of compliments, and we've been doing the photo card thing ever since.

So each year we have to choose a photo, and sometimes we stage it on purpose just so we can get it done in time. This year was one of those times. Here it is Sunday and only FIVE days till Christmas, and we don't even have a picture we can use, let alone ordered the cards. So we decided to do it outside in front of some of our Christmas decorations so we could get the pretty white lights in the background. I set up my camera on the tripod, set the timer, and viola! There you have it!

I think it turned it pretty well, especially for doing it totally last minute. And the best part was that I uploaded the photos and ordered the cards within 10 minutes of doing it and the cards were ready at 12noon the next day, so I was still able to get them out in the mail on the 21st, arriving to almost everyone before Christmas. Whew! Glad we made that work!

By the way, notice in the pic that my nails are a lovely shade of autumn berry red? I had taken my old nail polish off earlier that day with the plan of doing a complete manicure later, but once we rushed outside to get the picture done before it got too dark and I realized that my nails weren't done and it would show in the photo (I know, I'm SUCH a girl!), I ran inside and did a quick coat on just my right hand because I knew that would be visible in the picture - ha! So yes, for that Sunday evening I only had one hand painted red.

My husband didn't even notice but when I pointed it out to him and told him what I'd done and why, he totally laughed and said, "Funny, but I'm not surprised." :)

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Adorably Distracted... said...

Aww you guys are so cute and I love your belly!!! Such a great idea!