Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

I love just about everything about this time of year... the lights, decorations, festivities, fellowship and good times with friends and family... and I really love all the food! Especially the delectable treats. My family has a tradition of baking sugar cookies in all the fun shapes and then making the scrumptious buttercream frosting from scratch, then the best part - decorating!

We set up the kitchen table with all the cookies, the different colored frostings, sprinkles, and other items to artfully top each cookie. My sisters and I all sit around the table and spend hours carefully decorating each and every cookie, adding fun designs and even goofy ones (like using the yellow frosting instead of white to frost a snowman). ;)

So this year, feeling a little more domesticated with babies on the way, I decided to also do it myself at home. Not feeling like making the dough from scratch though, I bought the Nestle tub from the store (which is yummy, by the way) and then made my own frosting, etc. and just had a ball decorating everything! I did sugar cookies and also gingerbread. And as much as I love gingerbread, sugar cookies with the homemade frosting and sprinkles is just the best!! One of my holiday favs!

What are your favorites??

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