Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Curlers: Attempt 1

So I tried my new curlers this morning. Let me start by saying that I have naturally wavy hair and usually when I curl it with the curling iron I have to use a flat iron first on the top half of my head to get all of that hair smooth, then I can curl the lower half (my hair is at the middle of my back).

This morning I skipped that first step and when straight to the rollers, just to see what it would do.

I didn't take any photos but when I took the rollers out it had made the lower half of my hair very smooth and wave free, with some soft curls at the ends. Unfortunately the top half was still very wavy so I had to go back with the flat iron and do what I normally do. But even so, my hair was still softer and smoother than it normally is. Score 1 point for that!

BUT, I think I used sections of hair that were way too thick (oh yeah, my hair is also quite thick) so it didn't curl it as much as I wanted it to so I ended up having to go back over it with the curling iron.

I'm going to try it again but this time will try smaller sections of hair. This might take a few times to practice but if I can get this down and it works then I will keep the set. Otherwise... it's going back to the store!

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