Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dream House

Here is a writing prompt from two days ago at the One-Minute Writer Blog:
You are designing your own house. Describe it.

My husband I were lucky enough to design and build our own house 3 years ago. We are on a acre in rolling hills and we absolutely love it. But since this was our first time building a home we obviously learned from the experience and there are definitely some things I'd do differently.

Our house is 2750 square feet, which is pretty big considering we have no kids, but if we do have children, ideally I'd actually like it to be bigger so that we could still have guest rooms. We both have siblings that live far away and I just love providing them with their own bedroom and bathroom when they come to visit... so more rooms is something I'd change. I'd also make the family room big enough so we could fit 4 full sized soafs in it like my parents have, so that there is plenty of room for people to sit. And a bigger kitchen. Basically, I like to entertain and I like for there to be plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable.

When we bought our property my husband was trying to get me to go for 5 acres but I talked him into a smaller parcel... now I would actually be okay with more land so then we'd have more room to do other things. Like maybe a guest house/in-laws quarters? I've definitely learned that I like space so the more I can have of it, the better. Although if we ever do decide to build again and make it a big, family, entertaining house, hopefully we could also afford to have a weekly visit from a housekeeper so I wouldn't have to clean the whole thing myself. ;)

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