Monday, September 29, 2008

The Amazing Race

Does anyone else love this show as much as I do??? I've watched my fair share of reality television (Project Runway, The Next Food Network Star, The Bachelor, etc.) but The Amazing Race is one reality show that I would actually do myself if I found the perfect partner to audition with. I mean it has drama, action, and excitement. And the best part is you get to travel all over the world! See places you probably wouldn't ever otherwise see and do things that typical tourists would never do. I watched the premiere of the 13th season (Sundays on CBS) and it didn't disappoint. Eleven great teams that promise an interesting adventure. Although I haven't decided who my favorites are yet... too early in the game. Maybe I'll let ya know in a couple more weeks. ;)

By the way, did you watch the previous season? If you didn't get a chance to, check it out on the travel channel on Wednesday evenings. I was truly impressed with the winning couple and felt they really deserved to win. I'm usually a pretty sweet, understanding, and sympathetic person, but the winning couple really humbled me on more than one occasion. Lessons to be learned. I didn't even get into this show until a few seasons back and once we started watching, my husband and I couldn't figure out how we had gone so long without ever seeing it. We were instantly hooked! If you haven't tried it, I recommend you give it a go. :)

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